Parent's Handbook

What You Need To Know

It is each member's responsibility to be familiar with the information provided here. Click on the button below for a printable version of our handbook.

Parent's Handbook

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What to Wear

Girls are encouraged to wear a body suit. Elastic waist shorts or leggings worn over their suit is acceptable but no skirts/skorts. Boys should wear a fitted T-shirt or tank top and fitted shorts with elastic waistbands. All attire should be free of zippers, snaps or metal buttons. Bare feet are best, however, any exposed warts must be covered by tape, dance slippers or socks with sticky souls. Athletes on the Interclub team or Junior Olympic team are required to wear a body suit when training.

Any athlete with medium or long hair must have it pulled back for away from their face, braids or low pony-tails are best. Please no bobby pins, head bands, hard barrettes or bulky ties as they hurt the head when doing certain gymnastic skills.

There is also no jewelry to be worn by the gymnast during class, including watches, small ear studs are acceptable. Please remove all body piercing when doing gymnastics. It is best to leave all valuables at home as we will not be responsible for them.

Coaches will enforce this dress code to maintain the safety of our athletes and our coaches, as well as to protect our equipment. Supervising coach has final say and improperly attired athletes may not be allowed to participate.

Please bring a bag to keep your clothing in, as well as a non-spill water bottle.

Discipline in the Gym

Discipline in the gym is vital if injuries are to be kept at a minimum. Athletes are expected to be attentive to coaches, kind to others and respectful of the gymnastics equipment and facility. Disruptive or distracting behavior is not acceptable. The disciplinary protocol is as follows:

  • Verbal warning will be given.
  • Time out of the group (within close proximity).
  • Time out of the group and parent contacted.
  • One class suspension (without refund).
  • 2-3 class suspension (without refund).
  • Long term suspension. If behavior continues to occur, and if no solution is found the result may be final dismissal from the program without refund.

Please make sure your child knows what is expected of them. You may also come to watch your child during class to ensure proper behavior. If a coach has to reprimand a child it takes time away from other children.


Grievance is defined as:

conflict between two or more parties concerning interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of policies governing programs of the Ponoka Gymnastics Club.

Concerns or questions must be handled through the proper channels. Starting with the person you have the grievance with and escalating upwards the order of addressing a grievance is as follows:

  1. Junior Coach
  2. Coach
  3. Head Coach
  4. President
  5. Board of Directors

A grievance will only be addressed when presented, in writing, to one level above the person the grievance applies to. A response to the grievance, again in writing, is to be delivered no later than 2 weeks from the grievance filing date. Dissatisfaction with the response or failure to respond is cause for the grievance to be filed with the next highest level. The Board of Directors will be the final authority on all grievances.


We are continually balancing the needs of our various programs, facility and equipment. In an effort to do this, we seek support from our families, friends and the community at large through various fundraising campaigns.

A fundraising bond cheque of $200 per family per session (Fall, Winter, and Spring) is required, due at time of registration. This cheque will be cashed during the last week of gym in each session if fundraising commitments have not been met. Every family is required to participate, and sell a set minimum amount set for the fundraiser each session.

Important Instructions for Gymnasts and their Parents

  • Arrive a few minutes early so that you are ready to begin gym on time, allowing time to change and use the washroom before class starts.
  • Parents please come into the gym each time you drop off or pick up your child. Please sign your child in and wait with them until they start their class, as they are not being supervised otherwise. Use this time to check the bulletin board for newsletters.